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The Importance of Stillness amongst Chaos

Here I am, on an auspicious day, Friday 13th October. Auspicious because it’s another radiant day of sunshine and as the warmth of the sun rays, beaming through the patio doors kiss my bare feet, I offer immense gratitude for my life.

I am in deep reverence that all my needs are met.

I live in a lovely home with my lovely husband and son. We have hot and cold running water. We have central heating. We have a fridge freezer and a washing machine. We have gas and electricity. We have wardrobes for all our seasonal clothes. We have more than one coat, more than one pair of shoes, and more than one pair of pants and socks.

I also live in an incredibly progressive, community-focused town where arts and creativity are at the centre.

The gift of beautiful roses in various shades of pink that my sister bought me last week, are still thriving in the vase next to me. Some are offering shoots that I can plant out in the garden.

The sweet chestnuts I foraged on Monday are waiting to be roasted and the apples left on a wall with a sign saying ‘help yourself’ are waiting to be transformed into a crumble later today.

The abundance continues.

Do we ever take a moment to smell the roses, pause and be still? Does life offer this?

It’s difficult at times to find stillness within.

I don’t know about you, but the happenings in Israel haven’t gone amiss. There’s a very bloody war going on out there.

This has affected many of us, not least all the lives that have been taken without a care for the precious life force of another, be that a tree, human, animal, or plant.

How do we get on with life knowing this is continuing? How have we, as humans allowed this to continue? Haven’t we seen enough wars and violence?

Whilst many feel helpless and hopeless, not knowing what to do, we ask ourselves, why is this happening and who is responsible?

Whilst it is easy to blame, it’s also key to understand where we are taking responsibility.

Who instigated this? The Leaders.

Men are the elected leaders of many of these countries and they are also the leaders of many media corporations, national and international bodies, and organisations who ‘make decisions’ on behalf of the public.

Before someone pipes up and sees this as an anti-men blog, calm down, it’s not. Stick with this, there is wisdom flowing.

And what are they fighting over? Why do they need to fight? Do they not have peaceful negotiations at the table? Is bombing, killing, tearing people apart, and taking away people's livelihoods, families, and friends, a solution to the problem? Is this the War of the Worlds?

Breathe. Come back to your body.

I reflect on my days of working in construction and remember how my voice was not heard in many meetings and discussions. The voices of the male folks were louder and they used their stature as a symbol of authority.

I distinctly recall one of the guys who was reading The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, as part of a leadership program, telling me that when a woman was elected on the Board, she was referred to ‘BoB’ – Beaver on Board. Of course, I was shocked to hear this.

He was completely unaware of the anger that was brewing inside me, and the compassion toward the woman, who had no idea that the men she was sitting amongst had no respect for her. I wanted to question this and ask his response as a ‘Director’, but I didn’t want to be labeled or vilified either. Neither did I want to lose my job.

I too had sat amongst men in meetings with what had later transpired to be a tick box ‘let the woman speak, nod, and let her think she has authority but she doesn’t’ exercise.

This hurt as I trusted the men I sat amongst.

You may be surprised, that I have often been quiet, keeping the peace, not getting triggered, and remaining neutral.

Yet over the years, I have not been able to self-censor. If something is not okay, I say so. This isn’t using an ‘unapologetically me’ statement for rude behavior. No, not at all, this is using my authentic expression that comes through me to stand up and say ‘No!’

For how long are we going to allow the atrocities that are led by men in suits, a very small percentage in fact, to ruin, harm, and destroy our earth, our children, the elderly, our brothers and sisters, and our future generations?

We all have free will. How are we using it for the betterment of life?

Many have already allowed and consented to the bio-weapon war, and this is still rolling out to wipe out billions of lives. All of the facts related to this are there, in the public realm if people are willing to see. Check out Dr. David E. Martin, at the International Co-v-id III Summit held by the European Parliament in Brussels in May 2023.

I shudder to think what will happen when people awaken to the truth. You are your authority, so please stop giving your power and body away to people who want to control, dominate, and enslave you. Freedom is a choice, and people have fought for our freedom.

I digress, yet also have a voice that has something to say. Time is of the essence.

Many are still in recovery and rebuilding their lives from 2020-2022, together with the forced imprisonment that seriously subjected people to fear, with many taking their own lives. I pray that no more lives are taken, forsaken, or sacrificed.

The chaos our world is in right now is affecting the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and well-being of many people.

The constant barrage of information through the various media channels is distorting people's vision and understanding of reality. I don’t know if you have noticed how easily one can get swayed into the story of another, or swept away by what is being reported in the news.

This is further amplified by the moon phases and affects our mental and emotional states, creating further confusion and disharmony.

This week has been exceptionally chaotic and trying to find stillness, whilst feeling everything around me has been an art.

And how do we find stillness in the digital age?

There are huge telecoms masts where there were once pastured fields. Do we need to be plugged into this technology that is frying our brains and distorting our biology all of the time, like 24/7?

Do we take time off and out to be still?

Do we still remember what stillness is?

I don’t know about you, but I crave for and cultivate stillness and hold it sacred. At times, it’s been difficult, especially when life has many demands on me, but I make time for it. I create space for it.

For me now, it’s on a different level. Whilst many would take an alternate substance to reach an altered state of consciousness, I have found I on do this quite easily by lying still.

Stillness has always been my go-to place. It is here that I meet myself. In the nothingness, I have all that I need. I am in a state of inner peace.

When I am embodying stillness and peace, I am radiating this across the earth, dreaming, being at one with all.

It’s when we are still within, as a full body response, that we receive clarity and our wisdom so we can respond rather than react.

The world needs stillness and peace to feel safe within.

How do you cultivate stillness and peace within?

To support you, I have an offer that I will be sharing tomorrow in the energy of the October New Moon, watch this space.

With love and joy


Catalyst ~ Mentor ~ Podcast Host

Re-design Your Life

Founder of the ‘Drop Your Brown Baggage Gurl! Podcast


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