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Endings and Beginnings - Trusting the Cycle of Life

In this cycle of life, there is always an ending and a beginning. These two go hand in hand and merge with each other. Nature shows us this when trees drop their leaves, the leaves are swept away and these then merge into the very earth they were born from and from this place, become the soil for more life to grow and flourish through.

As we are all observing, the world is changing and what was of an old way, is falling away. We are noticing the cracks in society and the urgency to get certain systems and processes in place to control the way we live our lives.

Whilst this worked in the past, more people are choosing a different way of life that resonates with their circumstances and life choices.

More demands are being made on employees who are juggling a hefty workload and attempting to manage the global shifts that are affecting them personally and professionally.

We are noticing this in human relationships too, and it can be an incredibly difficult transition.

People who were once friends and colleagues are no longer aligned to the new earth frequencies and our new way of being.

Something similar is happening with loved ones and close friendships.

What we once tolerated as the normal behavior of a loved one, is no longer viable and the truth of their underlying patterns is becoming more visible.

People are having to make some tough decisions and choose whether they walk away from people they have loved and known for years.

And whilst it is saddening to see the ones we love playing out their patterns, stories, and suffering,

I’m noticing family units breaking apart.

This has been evident in my life when I walked my conscious path and listened to what was true and alive within me.

It was heartbreaking to let go of friendships and relationships. The emotional turmoil, inner conflict, and sadness that followed floored me at times.

The grief and loss of what was my life haunted me until I was able to let go.

Life is a cycle, and the death of the old you needs to fall away for the new you, the true you to emerge and blossom.

What I have learned in my journey, is to let go and trust. Life has a better plan for me and it is a mystery and something far greater than any perceived conscious or unconscious limitations.

Life is a constant movement of energy and this energy is Love. Love is who and what we truly are and as we embody more of our love, our light and multidimensional selves, we expand and navigate through life with ease and grace. This is because the old wounded, limited, old version of ourselves no longer controls us.

I found it important to sit with the grief and loss to let go and acknowledge my journey and to de-clutter my home, and my phone to ensure I am not dragged into memories or old stories that are no longer my present or future.

Whilst it is hard for many to let go, and it is painful to walk away from relationships, from my own experience, the liberation and freedom that comes from being true to myself, far outweighed any emotional longing for what was.

I belong to the earth, and this is my home. I am, like you, an intrinsic part of the universe, woven into the very fabric of material form, as Love. A sacred part of nature, of the 6 elements, fully embodied and here to be the change and walk my truth.

This is not an overnight happening. This is a gentle process of unraveling and embodying more of who we truly are.

Trusting the flow comes from within and we can't always see the next steps. However, the more we are connected and aligned to ourselves, in awareness of our deeper truth, the more we are able to receive guidance for our next steps.

For every ending, there is a new beginning and the cycle of life continues to demonstrate this. We become far greater than we were and open the door to infinite possibilities.

Life, the universe, has got our back, and only ever has our greatest interest at heart. When we trust, we let go of control and allow life to flow fluidly.

Life is a mystery - and this is exciting!

On this Super Blue Full Moon – let go of the old and let life in. Your new life awaits you.

With love and joy



Catalyst ~ Mentor

Re-design Your Life

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