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Reflections and gratitude for 2022

​With 2022 coming to a close, I reflect back and offer my deepest gratitude to Mother Earth, the Sun, Stars, and Moon for the gift of life. My heart swells with appreciation toward Chris and Boo for their love. This past year has been a rollercoaster ride for many of us, as we let go of what no longer served us and stepped further into the truth of our being that is ever-evolving. The deepening of our relationship with nature reminded us all of how interconnected and interdependent we all are and that life flows fluidly. Where there was stagnation, nature intervened, whether we were conscious or unconscious of it. Many lives were taken, and many said goodbye to loved ones. It was sad to say goodbye to a dear friend who I loved like an uncle and respected enormously. He was a beautiful man with a mighty heart and left behind an extraordinary legacy. He was present during my career and construction and was the one who encouraged me to take on the Chairman role of the FBE. He made a huge impact on my life and showed me, unconditional love. There was no attachment, only a mutual bond of affection that his wife too resonates with. They were celestial beings and were both when I was told by the Consultant that I would never be a biological Mum. Life brings us, family, in various guises, we simply need to let them in. The lead-up to my 50th was intense, so much inner alignment took place on all levels, and then came the integration. Our beloved Murphy passed away, he too was instrumental in my life, and I was grateful to care for him for 11 years, for I was there when Chris was at work. His passing opened a doorway to release much grief and loss that had been suppressed. Boo being home-educated for now 14 months took much adjustment for all of us. It has supported him enormously as he no longer carries the imprints or trauma of all the turbulence he has experienced in his young life. The last few months have been particularly intense as the earth continues to shed the old ways, and we too, as children of nature have been doing the same through our bodies. History is being rewritten as much truth comes to light and we transmute the false realities we were born into. This too will continue into 2023. Whilst I felt a sense of loss, I am deeply grateful to no longer carry identities that have been lingering or interfering with my reality. My ability to transmute false narratives continues to strengthen, as do my boundaries and my intuition. We all have these abilities. The more we step into the truth of our multidimensional selves, the more we experience freedom, flow, grace, ease, and of course joy. The illumination of false control and directives to further lock us out of our potential continue to reverse the agendas of power. True Power comes from within. Let love be the greater power. Speaking of love, it has shown up in its many guises, and over Autumn the inner calling to connect and reconnect with others opened pathways for friendships to blossom and bloom. Laying the foundations for the new earth has been paramount, and a priority to ensure our children and future generations inherit a thriving, organic and positive life experience. There is only love. Receiving clarity on each step I take is a journey of stillness, and this will continue to amplify as I create more room for my authentic expression Whilst we are in the midst of what seems like chaos, it is wise to maybe recognise, we are rearranging the reality around us. If we are getting the same stuff, then we are stuck and repeating patterns. If the fruits of our labour are bearing fruits, we are flowing with nature. We are all children of nature, organic, transmuting and transforming to be who we truly are - an embodiment of Love. Thank you, 2022, we've been holding on by the seat of our pants at times, but we trusted and never gave up. I offer my deepest reverence and gratitude to Mother Earth, the Sun, the Stars, the Moon,

and all benevolent energies on our planet that are here to dream the dream, to implement, inspire, and integrate the frequency of love, so we may All benefit from the abundance and richness this brings.

I thank my wonderful family, friends, and clients together with all who have been on this journey with me.

My heart is full, as I sit with my Beloved Family, Mum and Dad, Chris, Sam, and Boo as we come together to nurture our bonds of affection and make new meaning in our togetherness. With much love, xxx Kamaljit Catalyst ~Mentor Re~designing Your Life Through Your Authentic Expression

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