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Goodbye 2020 - what have we learnt and what are we rebirthing for 2021?

As we say goodbye to this year of turbulence, lies and truth, what have people learnt?

We witnessed a lot of fears and anger rising within many people. These had been triggered by the turbulence and awakening of their own inner truth, which many have not grasped, as they are still disconnected from the essence of who they truly are.

The external world was blanketed by a fear so huge, that many people were shaken to the core (and some still are).

Whilst being fully aware of many people who have died this year, whether it was related to an external airborne thing; or they had an underlying health condition; or was their time to go, the loss of loved ones has been felt by their family and friends.

Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, milestones had been missed and the lack of physical contact, a warm hug, words, facial expression left an emptiness in many, particularly our younger and older generations.

People were furloughed, some lost their jobs, their incomes and had to adjust and adapt to another way of living.

Control and manipulation

Whilst I too was caught in the maelstrom of exposure of truth and lies, I had to step back and realign to my Source.

Hidden fears that are programmed consciously or unconsciously into our DNA pre-birth and onwards, which over time are reinforced by family, friends, media, and the greater society actively run like computer programmes through our lives. As we go deeper into old stories, we soon realise some of these fears, are not always ours, but we can feel them collectively from others, and if we let them, they are still controlling us.

As we strip away more layers from our being, we are presented with deep wounds and many suppressed emotions.

Menopause graced me with a huge shift from the inside out as much grief and core beliefs and wounds rose to the surface and were released.

Suppressed emotions

For centuries, we have been conditioned by society to not speak our truth. To speak when we were spoken to and censor any upsets or abuse, whichever form it takes.

The fear of punishment, if we do not obey our elders or those in authority, locks traumas and unspoken hurts in our bodies. And when we internalise these suppressed emotions and unresolved events not only do, we potentially experience a physical manifestation through illness, we also become trapped in an energetic tie with the punisher or perpetrator.

People are being triggered left right and centre and their anger which is now clearly visible and may become even more visible as the coming months expose even more lies/false information, will come to the surface, as they will not be able to hold it in.

People have been led to believe they have no control over their lives and have been discreetly manipulated to disconnect from their bodies. Their minds are racing with misinformation being fed to them and this is leading to many mental health issues.

When we are too much in our thoughts we are disconnected from our heart. The oxygen flow we need to be still and feel our body’s response to a situation, becomes limited as we are not breathing properly. Shallow breathing takes over, and this can lead to anxiety and stress, which in return leads to overthinking and fight or flight.

Remember, we are not our thoughts.

The body has its own intelligence

But our body holds the answers to many questions and has its own unique ability to heal itself. It has its own intelligence to create and delete what does and not serve.

What I have witnessed through my own body and experience, was the depth of old limiting ancestral patterns. These are passed down through our DNA, together with the conditioning, programming, and limiting beliefs our ancestors lived by as they were not all consciously aware and awake. They too followed a system of how to do, rather than Be.

The robotic system of education to get grades; get a job; buy a house; get married; have children; work your socks of not necessarily doing what you love, but paying the bills, and then eventually retire and start living, through a body which could be tired and stressed, see your grandchildren, then eventually die, no longer fits into with the reality we are now birthing.

It was never their fault. They were not taught how to Be and how to create a life through deliberate choice. It was often through necessity.

It is saddening to witness many people not being able to see family and friends this year, and how this and the fear which continues to play out, has affected them emotionally, mentally, or physically. I hold them in love.

Whilst this story continues, it is important to remember to listen to our own inner voice and connect to our own inner truth. When we strip away our own limiting patterns through inner work, realignment, we regain freedom.

We are wise to connect to our body and truly listen to what it is telling us and open our hearts to the power of Love. Not soppy Love, but Pure Love, so we can heal from the inside out and take back our own lives, no longer be controlled by master manipulators, and no longer give up our rights to be Humans.

Do the research and inform yourself

What has not yet become visible, but soon will, is the breakdown of old systems which controlled the masses through fear, exacerbated through the media and false information.

Financial systems, government, education were all systems born out of enslavement.

The old never allowed true freedom. Like nature, the old must die, for a rebirth of something more harmonious and in alignment with all of Life.

With information at our fingertips, people are more than able to follow the money and see who is controlling what you hear and see through the channels of misinformation.

People have given up their Human rights to become enslaved for hundreds of years. Through my work and clearing the ancestral patterns, I have witnessed the freedom our ancestors have experienced by no longer being trapped in a timeline which is negative and false, and by clearing these patterns, the younger generations, will no longer go through the suffering, sacrifice, suffering, pain, and traumas their elders did.

We have a choice

We all have a choice. We may not believe or embody this.

Earth is awakening even more, and through our organic bodies, we are feeling the uprising of a new reality. Nature never lies. As she heals, so do we. As she screams, so do we. As she expresses her anger, and the abuse she has experienced, so do we. We are all interconnected.

Are you following or leading?

Are choosing enslavement or freedom?

Are you choosing happiness or sorrow?

Are you choosing fear or Love?

The Future is Bright

Even though we are on a positive trajectory, we do still need to go through the shit storm which is being played out by those perpetrators who make a last ditched attempt to enslave.

It may be ugly, it may not be, this depends on how we quickly humanity awakens to their own truth and realigns to their own Source.

I am much stronger in my body and have embodied my Truth and calling in new clients to help them realign to their Source and be Authentic and live from their higher frequency of freedom, joy, and love.

It’s all about frequency.

May 2021 be a year of authenticity, beauty, autonomy, abundance, joy, freedom, togetherness, community, harmony and truth.

Love will remain the highest force on Earth and in the Universe.

With love, grace, and gratitude



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