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Trusting the Journey

Love is…

Trusting the journey.

The journey of an egg to a caterpillar to a butterfly is one of trust.

The butterfly knows which plants to lay her eggs on to ensure her babies will be nourished and survive.

The caterpillar will continue to eat and focus on what it needs to do, to one day become a butterfly.

It may become a butterfly, it may not, but it trusts the process knowing its needs are met for its journey.

It doesn’t go into panic, fear, self-doubt, or self-sabotage. It trusts the process.

Whilst there is an end goal, it focuses on the present moment trusting nature has its back and ultimately a desired outcome. It surrenders to nature.

In the present moment, it has no room to get distracted by emotions or thoughts, it munches away, rests, and sleeps. It has a defense system if it needs it - all the tools are within.

This is the same for Humans. Our needs will and are met, if we trust the process and stay in the present moment.

In this technology-driven, digital world, it is so easy to get distracted by a device and lose our centre to something outside of us.

We have become so 'mindful' that we over-process and over-fill our minds with 'stuff' to fix and find solutions for our daily challenges.

We have lost the art of patience and try to manipulate the natural flow of life, forcing an outcome to achieve a goal, that was probably not even in alignment with our journey.

What if we simply stopped and stayed still?

Sometimes, this is all it takes to materialise our dreams to form.

We dream our dream. We take the necessary steps and do what needs to be done. We get out of the way. And we trust the process along the way, recognising our idea of the journey is not what life may have in store for us.

Wouldn't it be great if we could let go and allow something far greater to unfold?

This magic happens when we are deeply connected to ourselves and are trusting the journey to unfold at the right time, not our time.

As the structures of time collapse further, I am noticing my desires are materialising quickly.

I ask for something, and it appears at the right time. Why is this? I am embodying the art of stillness and staying present with what is, regardless of what it is.

Breathing is key to regulating my nervous system, as is being in nature regularly.

I trust the flow of life to support me and my dream of a joyful, harmonious, and thriving future for all of Life.

So the next time you are running around like a blue-arsed fly, stop, be still, trust the journey, and let life flow through you.

The Universe has got your back.

With love and joy




Catalyst ~ Mentor

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