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Offer yourself the gift of self-love this solstice, New moon and christmas

Sometimes in life, we simply want to be loved as we are.

In the depth of our suffering, our loneliness, our fears, and our pain, we want to be loved.

We want to feel like we belong and that we matter to someone. That we are not invisible but have a place in this world.

Many of us spend most of our lives looking for love outside of ourselves.

We search from one area of life to another to fulfill our needs. Whether that is through a job, a partner, a friendship, food, drink, or social media.

We search tirelessly for love.

We all hold different perspectives, impressions, and experiences of what we identify as love.

We create many experiences around us to replicate love.

And many can lose their minds and hearts in this endless search for love, and to be loved.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Love is…

Through my experience of living 50 years on this planet earth, I feel love is a deep and intimate connection with our infinity spark.

Our infinity spark is the light that shines within each of us, our divine essence. When it is expanded, it materialises our needs, and the right relationships, opportunities, and experiences for our growth unfold and these become a delightful embodiment and expression of joy.

The love we did or did not receive from our parents came directly through their perception of what they identified as love in their reality. This could be showering us with affection, or not. Providing us with food, shelter, clothing, warmth, kindness, care, attention, and gifts.

Now before we begin to delve into any past wounds from childhood, let me ask you to pause for a moment, without any judgment, or comment, but just be with this notion:

Let’s stop blaming

Our parents and grandparents came from a series of patterns, beliefs, stories, and identities, and were conditioned and programmed for survival. They were not necessarily equipped with the tools or skills that we have today to transform their lives.

You see our parents and grandparents were war babies and the fear, devastation, destruction, grief, loss, separation, hopelessness, pain, and suffering were encoded into the land they were born on and lived on. This was further encoded in their DNA.

So they were living unconsciously through these patterns and these were transferred to us.

It wasn’t easy for many people, but before you go into the doom and gloom, take a breath.


Be still.

Connect with your body. Are you breathing? Can you feel your chest rising and falling with each in and out breath?

Yes. Good, you’re alive, you’ve made it this far, and you are here with me.

Love is the quiescence of all of life.

We were born as Love, and in this, we were designed to enjoy our human experience.

We are all connected through love as it is who and what we are, but the separation whenever it happened for each of us, created a stronger divide between the heart and mind.

Place your hand on your heart. Can you hear, feel, and connect with the gentle rhythm of your heartbeat? Good.

Now that you are in your body (and I apologise if you did not leave your body, as some people like to intellectualise stuff), please be aware of any reactions or impulses from your body as you continue to read this. Not to distract, or identify, but to be present with how these words resonate with you.

Let love flow

Through digital, plug-and-play living, stress, together with societal and life’s demands, we become so disconnected from our bodies and heart’s wisdom, that we can no longer feel or hear the subtle internal messages it sends us.

We look for answers through search engines and algorithms that we then identify as a condition, diagnosis, or protocol for something that needs fixing.

But what if we simply stopped, became still, and got out of our heads and into our hearts? What if we were not rushing for the quickest solution to something that may have multiple layers, but instead we asked our heart the question and patiently waited for the message to arise and then take action?

There is nothing wrong with you

I used to spend hours looking externally, and I would get lost in the head space. My mind was always full as I was not in my body.

It was only when I stopped and listened to my heart’s wisdom, that I began to transform my life.

When I used to look for love externally, I was never fulfilled. It never reached the heart of my being.

But when I created the space to know myself and embarked on a deep journey of self-love, I began unraveling many lies, false identities, stories, patterns, and beliefs of what I thought and had been told love was.

Love is an inner connection

When I stopped searching externally, I started embodying love from the inside out.

My relationship with myself became so loving and compassionate, that the wounded identities fell away, and I felt joy. The joy a child feels for simply being.

I healed and transformed some unpleasant stuff that had happened, but I no longer identified with the victim aspect.

And so my journey of self-love filled me with a deep sense of knowing what love is to me. And this I express thought through

I am not looking for love, or for someone to love me, for I feel loved and held by earth and the universe. I am not separate from love, for I am an expression of love and so this will only grow.

It took many years to gain this wisdom. I had to re-program my traumatised and survival-wired nervous system. This was my path, and everyone’s path is different. My curiosity to get to know my universal self has been a life-long exploration and I am in awe of my expansive, multidimensional self.

Let love speak through you

I see many people looking for love to fulfill that need for connection, and I recognise how important it is for human connection. We all need to be heard, seen, and held as we are. When we get to know ourselves and begin to embody our love, we resonate at such a high vibration, that we attract more love. The message we send out through our internal heart wi-fi is expressed to the universe, and the universe responds.

So are we sending messages of desperation, despair, and hopelessness, or are we sending a message of trust, knowing the right relationship, job, or opportunity will come at the right time?

It’s a work in progress and doesn’t need to be rushed, or set as a goal. There is no right or wrong, it simply is.

We sometimes need to get out of our way for the universe to do its job. So by stopping, being still, and letting go of any attachment to outcomes, we allow the power of love to fulfill our needs.

So the next time someone says, are you in a relationship, say yes, I am in a relationship with myself.

Your vibration is key to aligning with the relationships that support your growth and need for connection, and for you to fulfill your life experiences.

Know thyself

Our relationship with ourselves is a sacred gift not only to ourselves but to our loved ones too because in this journey we meet ourselves with love, care, compassion, and kindness. We then become a mirror for others to hold themselves with love, care, compassion, and kindness too.

Connect with your infinity spark, say yes to its wisdom, and express yourself as a being of Love. This will transform your life for the better.

Offer yourself the gift of Self-Love this Solstice, New Moon, and Christmastime!

With much love, xxx


Catalyst ~ Mentor

Re-designing your Life Through Your Authentic Expression

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