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New Year, New You? Pause. Reflect. Realign.

It's common for people to make resolutions on 1 January every year. The intention and motivation are always there. People rush back to the gym, there is new direction and goals, but many cannot see these through. They crash and give up the diet, the gym membership stagnates and the motivation for change gets left by the wayside.

They feel disappointed in themselves, and demotivated, unable to get back in their flow.

Some push and keep going, breaking through the obstacles, and can often burn themselves out too soon. Why is this? Before you start beating yourself up, hold your horses. The earth's energies are still in the colder season of winter (particularly in the northern hemisphere); and like nature, we withdraw and go within during this cycle. After the festivities, (and actually during too) it's a time of slowing down and reconnecting with your heart. The trees offer us a perfect example of this when they shed their leaves in autumn to conserve their energy for the next season and a journey into their inner world. It's a time to enter into and embrace stillness and realign with our inner compass. A time of sifting and sorting through the crud, and letting go of what no longer serves and all that has been lingering in the shadows and kept you small.

It doesn't mean we don't set intentions, of course, we do, but, we pause, reflect and realign.

When we are still, we open the space to align our lives with that of nature, and we flow with ease and grace. There are no deadlines, we trust all will fall into place at the right time. Nature leads us in its enormity and limitlessness, and offers us infinite possibilities of a future far greater than our perceptions.

Old habits.

Our perception and goals can often come from a place of lack. We have been hard-wired to strive for achievement and walk a harder path of survival. And that could be for personal or business needs. But what if we drop these perceptions, align with our heart's wisdom, and open ourselves to the realm of possibilities? What if we surrender to the universe and let love in? We have been led along a path of struggle and have forgotten the power we hold within. The wisdom of our heart holds great power, and it can transmute and transform most things. When we align with the magnificence of our being, we flow on a wondrous trajectory of pure potentiality. Possibilities beyond our conception appear and life becomes effortless.

Using our inner compass.

When we redesign our lives from the inside out, we are using our inner compass to navigate unchartered waters. We realise there is no destination because we have already arrived. We recognise we were looking in the wrong direction and from an old narrative that was not our truth. When we release ourselves from old identities and stories, we align more deeply with our core essence. We magnetise and materialise our desires through our multidimensional selves all powered by love. Our heart expands and we radiate love. Joy is our natural state and when we are joyful, we birth a new reality.

Pause. Reflect. Realign.

So before you start setting the biggest and greatest goals and rush to achieve these, I invite you to pause, reflect and realign to your heart's wisdom. What is it telling you, and where does it want to lead you?

Are you coming from your authentic expression, from your infinity spark, and a place of joy? Or are you following the crowd and getting caught in a dream that was never yours to dream?

Have you a Mentor or Coach to support your dreams, or are you doing it alone?

Ask yourself, what do you want to be celebrating a year from now?

My Re-design Your Life 3, 6, or 9-month program begins 1st February 2023 - perfectly aligned with Imbolc, and the earth energies are slowly starting to stir, and where I traditionally sow seeds for the year ahead.

Connect with me to begin your journey of redesigning your life from the inside out. I will meet you where you are, and we work together to curate a bespoke journey for you to materialise your dreams.

It will be about you, joyful, and deeply transformational.

Offer yourself the gift of investing in your future. You deserve it!

Happy New Year. May 2023 bring you greater joy and abundance.

With much love, xxx


Catalyst ~ Mentor

Re-designing Your Life From Your Authentic Expression

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