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Contactless v connection

It’s been a while since I shared my inner musings via a blog, and whilst I have danced with my inner muse a lot, the timing wasn’t right until now.

So here we go.

Hasn’t it been an intensely crazy year on all levels for many of us?

People have felt stuck, at a loss, angry, grieved, in despair, confused, frightened, and at times, ready to give up. It’s been hard and it still is for many.

I know these feelings as I was also participating in this not-so-merry dance.

And the more I questioned it, the more it was revealed to me.


We are all transitioning from what was to what is becoming.

What was? This was the old world of slavery, victimhood, pain, suffering, and survival. I know of many who are still on this trajectory yet I have faith they will move through these old parts of their personal and collective stories.

What is becoming? This is where we shine our heart's light and lead the way for others to also dream from their unique body intelligence, the new earth we are birthing.

What has this got to do with contactless v connection?

So this thing happened in 2020, that had a global impact on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing of all of life.

People became fearful, isolated, lonely, and unable to connect in the ways they were born to.

Separation and contactless communication became the social norm.

Families were torn apart and relationships broke down. Corporations elevated, and small businesses shut down.

We know all of this, we saw it happen and it affected us all.

We are still attempting to recover from it.

However, outside of the projected medical emergency of 2020 – something else was happening. Did you notice?

The earth was going through a seismic shift in polarities to dismantle the false reality people were living in and believed was normal. This was to anchor in the light for Earth to hold and integrate a stronger vibration of pure love.

What are you talking about, I hear you say?


Did you not notice the veil lift and many truths coming out about what was going off on earth before your very eyes?

Did we not see farmers being forced to give up their livelihoods? Did we not see the cracks in the healthcare system? Did we not see the control of digital technology to socially prime us and influence personal choices through algorithms? Did we not see the corruption in politics? Did we not see the rape of Earth for her minerals and resources? Did we not see the inflation of house prices, rental, food, drink, and energy? Did we not see that we were already divided?

Did we not envisage the impact of Brexit?

Seriously, it’s pretty obvious if you are willing to question the authorities that have and do control you.

However, bringing this all back to now, something else happened.


In the pause, some people realised what was important to them and what they were missing. They made changes to their lifestyles so they could have a greater balance.

For me personally, whilst it was great to have my husband at home with us as a family, as Gemini’s we needed to be with other people too.

I too felt isolated and alone, and needed support with my micro business and mostly needed connection.

I missed meeting people and seeing smiling faces. I missed seeing people engage with each other and light up when they were inspired.

The key thing people noticed was the lack of connection. How connection and real bonds of affection enhanced their lives and made them feel.

How did this resonate with you?

Since last October, more and more truths came to light, and more people began to reconnect and rebuild their lives.

The treadmill of the daily trudge was no longer appealing. Whilst some were happy to return to their old way of living, on an unconscious level, they too were affected by the Universal changes afoot.

Mindsets were changing and people became more open to something different. People started waking up to the impact their action or inaction was making on the environment.

People were learning from each other. Communities started rebuilding in many different areas.


People felt a calling to reach out and support each other and invest in the future of humanity and nature.

People recognise that connection is vital for health and well-being. We are meant to work and be together to break the cycles of fear and birth the vision of our ancestors of a brighter future to form.

Our future generations depend on us. We are here as the change-makers to ensure everyone thrives and the cycle of life continues with grace and ease.

Have you noticed how people are standing together to bring about changes from slavery to sovereignty?

This is powerful as something deep within us is awakening and reminding us of what it feels like to be an authentic and free human.

We need each other.

Together we can inspire, empower and celebrate each other.

Together we can dream of a new earth overflowing with joy.

Together, we can #bethechange.

We are mere reflections of each other and stories to tell and as we connect, we give each other permission to be.

Love is key.

Enjoy a radiant day.

With love and joy


Catalyst ~ Mentor

Re-design Your Life

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