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Blue Monday? - Why not re-design my life Monday?

According to popular belief, today is meant to be Blue Monday – the year’s most depressing day.

Given that the weather in the UK isn’t the most cheerful this time of year, however as I sit at my desk, and look out, the sun is breaking through the clouds, and it’s brightening up!

So this concept of Blue Monday is what we choose it to be.

Yes, after the Christmas festivities and New Year parties and celebrations, there is a human need for connection and something to look forward to in January, as it is a very long month.

Many people set goals and then fall off the wagon as they can’t stay motivated or committed to them. Well, we are still in a cold, damp winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and unless you’re on a beach on the Hawaiian islands, you may not have the warmth and fire to see things through. Plus, we are still in the season of winter and the earth's energies do not necessarily support actioning big goals.

Subjected to suggestions.

I'm noticing the media is constantly subjecting people to a plethora of suggestions, it’s like subliminal programming of the psyche through keywords, trends, tags, fears, and algorithms to force you into a controlled state of being.

Do you notice it too?

I do wonder how many people have felt depressed, blue, or down in the dumps as a result of the ‘Blue Monday’ campaign.

Rather than being depressed and latching on to the collective suggestion of what to feel, why not honour a feeling of sadness if you have one, as it’s ok to feel sad, and then decide what you want to feel next?

I feel we are constantly bombarded with suggestions of what we should or shouldn’t do. And that the fear of either missing out, not fitting in, or being rejected can often push us into doing things that are not in alignment with our internal navigation system.

You choose.

But what if, Blue Monday was Happy Monday? Green Monday? Grateful Monday? Joyful Monday!

Or, if you are feeling a little blue, why not choose Re-design my Life Monday? What if you decide what your day looks like? A day where you connect more deeply to yourself and the Earth, and reflect on what you are feeling; on what is no longer bringing happiness? And what if you could be with yourself long enough, to allow your heart to express what you desire for the next 12 months and beyond?

Have you ever connected with your body and listened to the signals it gives all the time? Do you listen? You see your body is a phenomenal vehicle for your human experience. Your body, if you are in tune with it, will offer you messages of what is and what is not in alignment with your unique life path.

When you are still, you can ask your body to give you a yes and no signal, a bit like muscle testing, so that it can guide you internally to what is in alignment with your highest and best.

There is so much more I can talk about this, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Sunshine and joy.

Back to now, the Sun is softly dancing on the leaves of my beautiful houseplants and they are reaching up for more solar power. It’s warming up. I feel a juiciness flowing inside and out.

You may not know this, but we all have a choice in what we experience, this is the planet of free will, of course, so it would be out of alignment if we felt we didn’t have the opportunity to change something.

And, like nature, we are ever-evolving, and so our dreams, desires, and experiences are too.

I don’t know about you, but I like a variety of things to do, as these stimulate and excite my creative multidimensional expression, and expand and open my awareness to the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer.

And the more I remain true to my heart’s wisdom, the greater the possibilities, and with it comes joy.

Awakening to our inner Power.

I feel this year is one of greater awakening to more of who we are and what we are capable of and where our power truly lies.

Limitations are again perceptions and suggestions based on what we do not know about ourselves.

I have been pausing and reflecting and releasing what has not served me, and over the next few days, I will be aligning more with what brings me joy.

I will create the space and time to nourish and nurture my own needs, and those of my family and friends, in preparation for the Chinese New Year on 22 January 2023.

I dream of joyfulness and freedom. A dream for everyone to thrive, flourish and expand their human experience beyond limitations.

What will you dream?

I like having things to look forward to on the horizon, as it builds a momentum of charge within and creates positive and joyful experiences for us all.

So what are you planning to do with the rest of your day? Are you remaining in the collective consciousness of suggestion, or will you go outside and breathe the glorious air and take some positive steps in Re-designing Your Life?

My 3, 6, or 9-month Re-design Your Life program starts 1st February 2023 and is a unique experience to work with me 1:1 to transform your life from the inside out. Have you booked your free discovery call? What is on your horizon? Sunshine or grey skies? Is it the same old same old, or something new and exciting?

Enjoy a radiant day.

With love and joy




Catalyst ~ Mentor

Re-design Your Life

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