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It's been a while since I blogged and I recognise that it's ok to write only when there is something wishing to be expressed through me, rather than for the sake of it.

Have you noticed how unhappy, heavy and depressed people are?

Have you noticed how artificial their lives truly are?

What I observe in the collective are the unspoken, unheard and unhealed wounds, grief and sorrows which have remained stuck and lodged in the bodies of many humans.

Whilst some find it easy to talk about their stuff, some find it very difficult to be vulnerable and share what they are truly feeling, save judgement, fear of what others think, and fear of being ridiculed, embarrassed, shamed etc.

Do you feel this too?

It's not easy being you, is it?

But we live in a society, where many people don't know what being human is as they are so disconnected from their Humanness.

Their patterns, conditioning and fears lock them into being something, they are not.

And they live their lives through their suffering and continue to repeat the same patterns and stories which their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did.

Social media offers a stimulation which also distracts people from themselves, as does television and other media and entertainment.

We know this, don't we? But we ignore it, hoping it would magically disappear under the depths from our being.

We Humans are organic beings, and we naturally evolve, just like nature.

When we resist change, we get the same thing, over and over again.

Whilst I recognise many people fear change, as their safety, security and stability lies in a perceived comfort zone. What they fail to notice, is the heaviness and density of their stuff, which they carry around, like a enormous sack of boulders.

And this becomes their norm. But their norm, keeps them stuck in a cycle which traps them from experiencing true freedom.

I am currently supporting clients who have noticed the writing on the wall, and can no longer hide under the denial and fears of what truly needs to change.

They no longer want the old story anymore and have taken the courageous steps to open pandora’s box, to finally release themselves from the bindings of what is not theirs, so they can expereince freedom and joy.

You see, we are all powerful, sovereign beings and able to materialise our needs, but over time, we have given our power away to a reality outside of us.

The perceived reality we have lived in for too long tells us there is something wrong with us and entices us to remain locked into something which can no longer be sustained by the new earth.

We can feel this in our bodies, if we stop and be still.

I notice when people don’t hear their own inner calling, or notice life showing them what is imbalanced within them, they feel depressed, fed up, frustrated and are unhappy.

They attempt to dive into something ne, but get the same results, unaware of the sack of boulders they are still carrying around with them.

Winter for me personally, is a time for deep reflection. Withdrawing from the external worlds, shifting what is out of alignment and being ready to receive the new energies coming onto earth, so I/We have the room to embody more of our multidimensional selves.

Our Light.

But people are so easily distracted from their body's innate wisdom, that they look outside for solutions for what is an internal block/resistance/pattern.

And they bypass the calling, still carrying their sack of boulders and are unable to fully integrate the new earth energies as they are pulled into the chaos and instability of a world which is and has been falling away.


True freedom, I have found over the years, isn't money, or the best job, or the best house.

Freedom for me, is being free of the patterns of my ancestors, which I, like many of us, have been carrying. And by releasing myself from these patterns which I had identified as my own or my truth, I am much lighter to experience joy in every moment.

From this space I materialise my needs. We all can.

Life, was never about suffering, lack, sorrow, hatred, greed and separation.

Life is truly a most beautiful and abundant gift and we are here to embrace and enjoy every precious and sacred breath. From this space, we can birth a new word, which offers the most incredible possibilities for ourselves and our future generations.

It’s time to stop.

Take stock.

Recognise what is out of alignment.

Shift your patterns/stuff.

Embrace Life.

No one is going to do it for you.

The first step starts with you. Only you can change your life and transform into the butterfly. The Authentic You.

Isn't it time you saw the writing on the wall and listened to the messages your body is telling you?

Are you ready?

Working 1:1 with me is a journey to meet yourself. I hold the space for you to sit with your vulnerability and act as a Catalyst for you to transform your patterns, burdens and wounds to finally love and accept yourself from your truth.

I assist you in separating from your perceived identities, subpersonalities, roles and personas so you can be authentic and free.

Stop resis

ting and contact me for a free Deep Dive Discovery Call, it’s time to let go and birth the Authentic You and live a life you truly love.

Thank you.

With love, grace and gratitude


Catalyst for Life Transformation

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