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What is Realignment?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

We are all born aligned to our soul/higher self. As we are aligned to our Soul, we are also aligned to Source/Creator. That infinite Being which/who created you, me, the stars, the trees, animals, the Universe and more.

Over the course of our lives though, our connection to our Soul/Source becomes weak and we disengage from the communication we did unconsciously as children.

The pace of life becomes busy and the physical world, can, for some become a place where surviving, struggling, dealing with emotions, mental health, fears and other day to day stuff, becomes difficult.

From childhood, we are taught through routine to achieve and conform, but are not often taught to realign and communicate with our Soul through daily practice.

We are schooled and taught to read, write, learn and memorise information, but we are rarely taught to realign to our soul’s wisdom and be connected to the Infinite Universe.

We then either continue our education, or get a job to pay bills, buy a house, get married, have children, travel or other experiences.

And during all of this, we are following a path, consciously or unconsciously, determined by the beliefs, mindsets, conditioning or programming by our caregivers and society around us. And if this is out of alignment to what our Soul wants to experience, we can become unfulfilled and unhappy and life, can become listless and a process, rather than a joyful experience.

We are taught to follow. Rather than lead and create deliberately.

And when we follow, what and who do we follow? The people who have walked before us, or what we see in society and deem is correct and true for us?

People find themselves in the wrong relationships; they have challenges at work or are doing a job which they don’t enjoy. They repeat patterns and following a self-perpetuating cycle, which they cannot get out of.

They are stuck.

They exist. They forget how to live.

And this makes people very unhappy.


They are out of alignment.

Realignment allows us to let go of what our limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning, programming and tap into and embrace our Souls Wisdom to create the Infinite Possibilities which are waiting for us.

We all deserve abundance, which includes but isn’t limited to financial freedom, great relationships, unconditional love, ease, effort, flow, and joy as this is our birth right, but when we are out of alignment, and are feeling unfulfilled, we are led to believe we are unworthy, undeserving or not good enough to accept and receive this and more.

This of course comes back to what we believe about ourselves and have learnt and adopted as our own Truth from the environment around us.

When we drop these layers of stuff, and non-truths, we uncover more of our own Authenticity and Truth.

Realignment allows us to go beyond these limitations and create the changes within our mind, body and soul, to receive more of our own True Essence. And in this, we receive more abundance and love and be happier as we are being True to Ourselves and in alignment to our Souls Wisdom and are attracting and enjoying the Infinite Possibilities around us, which, when out of alignment, were out of reach.

Realignment reconnects you to your superpower, your Limitless Self, the part of you which already knows of the daily miracles and Infinite Possibilities which surround you every day.

Realignment brings you clarity and answers on how to navigate through life with grace and ease and how to recreate the reality, the life which you are choosing to experience.

Realignment opens doors, brings in new opportunities and people to support your journey.

When we let go of what limits us, we can embrace all which desire and more and reach our goals and fulfil our dreams.

Realignment brings freedom, peace and joy and mostly, a lot of fun.

With love and grace



Realignment Coach/Mentor

Realigning You to Your True and Authentic Self


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