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Stop. Pause. Be Still. Let Love in. Let Life Fill You.

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

As a child, we can often be in a rush to grow up to experience things that we fear we are missing out on.

We often continue this pattern, by attempting to fill our days and nights with as much activity as possible, almost as though tomorrow may never come.

It’s almost as though our perception of reality is based on short pockets of time, where we indulge in things to gain the maximum output.


For example, over the years, I have witnessed and personally experienced the binge culture, where a person will consume so much of a certain food, drink, or entertainment in one sitting, and then attempt to give it up the following day using fasting, diet, or something else.

How is this even possible for the body and brain to compute, when we are setting an unconscious program of ‘you will not get this opportunity again and so you need to do what you can now?

It’s almost as though we are unable to savour the moment and be present with life’s rich experiences.

Why is this?

Maybe it’s a learned behavior as we have been subjected to war, famine, disaster, and a media stream that continually reminds us death is imminent and so we need to make the most of today. That stream locks on to and reinvents fears and patterns that bring our vibration into the pool of lack, poverty, scarcity, and starvation.

Can you see how these unhealthy, unconscious patterns can lead us into behaviours that are not for our highest good?

Yes, there are parts of the earth, where access to fresh food and drink is limited and there is a real lack through natural disasters and limited access, but humans have become such great consumers, that the appreciation and gratitude for this precious experience we call life, is often forgotten and for some, not even part of their consciousness.

The abundance of stillness

Yet, we live on a planet, that is so rich and abundant with food and fresh water, but we are blinded by the hidden patterns that control us.

What happened to being present in this one moment and being still? What happened to enjoying where we are right now, and appreciating the immense flow of life force and the natural world around us?

Over the years, I have witnessed how locked people are in their thoughts and are preprogrammed to operate from devices and instructions, rather than the infinite intelligence of their hearts.

This plug-and-play reality is responsible for a huge amount of unconscious programming, where people cannot think for themselves, let alone be present.

This urgency of filling their lives with stuff, and consumption through electronic devices separate them from what is real and present today. The natural and physical world and their bodies.

Being embodied

When I turned 50, something even deeper shifted within my being. I became even more present and in my body, in making decisions from the impulse within, rather than a thought which pushed itself in.

When we are not in our bodies, we are not necessarily in control of our reality, because our thoughts are often in an orgy and merged with many other thoughts, as these are in an energetic field outside of our physical body. And when we are in the thought body, we can easily be manipulated by the past, and unconscious patterns and, learned behaviours.

I have consciously spent the last 17 years getting to know myself intimately, by stripping away and releasing the identities and stories I was attached to and were controlling my reality.

We are constantly invited to release the past and be present to birth a new reality of abundance and joy.

The infinite power of Love

The gift of life; is in the present moment of being still and silent within. In this space, we harness our true essence and we are unattached and open to the universe, to receive its outpouring of Love.

Struggle, lack, fear, poverty, etc., are only, patterns and stories which attempt to tell us we are unable to materialise our reality and keep us small.

We are multidimensional beings who are more than able to live a life of freedom and joy, by being present with our infinite intelligence. We realise that we have everything we need and our inner guidance system will open us to a plethora of opportunities and possibilities which we could not even imagine.

No need to rush

Stop consuming, and start being. Go outdoors, we are part of nature. Breathe. What do you notice? What do you hear? Be still. Let life fill you.

Everything we could need is within us, and unlocking our heart’s wisdom allows us to flourish, be nourished, and be enriched by life itself. Life is not a race, slow it down. Time is not limited. Allow the gap to open, surrender to the intimate and magical in-between spaces and let Love in.

With love


Catalyst ~ Mentor ~ Poet

Inner Transformations

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