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Does Your Brown baggage hold you back?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Over the past few years, I have been working with many Asian/Indian people to help them drop their brown baggage and realign themselves to their True and Authentic Selves.

By understanding the challenges they face on a day to day basis, I help them make breakthroughs and get to the root cause of their issues, to help them regain freedom, joy, inner peace, abundance and the clarity they seek.

What is brown baggage?

Brown baggage is the conscious or unconscious cultural conditioning, programming and negative limiting beliefs, some Asian people hold, which stop them from living their lives from their own creation and Truth.

The brown baggage includes guilt, shame, fear of what others think, emotional blackmail and fitting into society, based on what their parents and grandparents expectations are of them.

These are the stories people tell themselves, which limit their experiences of life and its fullness and richness.

Many of the Asian/Indian people who I have worked with, have been raised in the West by peers who are still stuck in an old paradigm, which limits their life experiences and through duty and obligation, follow the course laid out for them, yet, are internally in conflict.

This creates much discomfort and churns them up inside and they then believe, their life is limited and as many old paradigm families are very traditional, the first and second generation give up on their goals and dreams, as they have no aspirations outside of their environment. They are limited in their workplace, their friendship circles and their relationships, particularly their relationship with themselves.

The heaviness of this brown baggage which, for many remains hidden, limits their experience of life and stops them from reaching a greater potential.

Fulfilling their life purpose is so frightening for many as the fear of being disowned by their family, should they choose to step away from expectations or obligations, would be like death.


The obligations and emotional need for acceptance and approval lies deep within. Being raised (and for some controlled) by unconscious parents, those who have yet to discover the art of self-realisation/awareness, instilled for many, great fears of separation, loss, lack and even rejection.

Unfortunately, this stronghold still continues for many and continues to creates unhappiness and unfulfillment as a Collective.

Their parent and grandparents were people of a society which was controlled by fear, lack, poverty and most left the comfort of their villages to create a better life for their future generations in the West.

Whilst this was honourable, generous and courageous, kind and loving many of their children have continued this mindset. Consciously or unconsciously, their parents’ beliefs, became theirs, and these were embedded into their reality and unbeknownst to them, they became enslaved by those beliefs to live a life of expectations, through a patriarchal system of suppression, oppression, limitation, fear and cultural assumptions.

​For many, it’s challenging to attempt to balance their dual life to please their family’s expectations.

This conflict for many has led to addictions of drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling, sex, pornography, debt and many mental health disorders.

Whilst they may love their family, they may not love the negative and oppressive aspects of their culture.

Women are still enslaved by their mother or mother in law and have taken on their beliefs and limitations, and in this have lost their sense of self-worth or identity.

They feel trapped by their cultural expectations which to the older generation is their tradition, their norm, their reality, but many are expected to fit into those.

These beliefs are then passed onto the next generation and if not broken, a self-perpetuating cycle of limitations continues and suppresses the future generations who may begin to resent their environment with all its limitations and control.

The brown baggage can be incredibly disempowering.

However, everyone has a choice. The two can live in harmony. The 21st century allows people to step away from the old and create a new harmonious reality of acceptance.

​This new reality for some, requires a clearing of ancestral and karmic wounds of their bloodline, to set the previous and future generations free from the 3D matrix..

People no longer need to carry the wounds and brown baggage into their future or their now and by choosing to realign their past and present, to that of love, acceptance and abundance, they can thrive and begin to restore peace.

By realigning to their Soul’s Wisdom people are bringing their Divine Essence into their Lives and birthing a new reality filled with Infinite Possibilities, to create a Life on their terms.

They are living in their Authentic Truth and maintaining more realistic and harmonious relationships with their families.

Life truly is a present, and by dropping the brown baggage, you can allow space for this Gift which is Life, to come to you and through you, easily and effortlessly.

With love and grace



Realignment Coach/Mentor

Realigning You To Your True and Authentic Self

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