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Do You Speak Your Truth?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

What does Truth look like for you?

Do you speak your Truth?

Do you find it easy to speak your Truth?

Have you ever not spoken your Truth in a situation as you didn't want confrontation?

Do you know how to speak your truth?

How do you feel about lying and people lying to you?

Stay with me, there's something I want to share.

I speak my truth with love, as lying to another is like lying to Universe/God/Source/Self and this sits very uncomfortably with me. Speaking my truth with love, is a core value for me.

My lying radar is so sharp, I hear it in an instant and the energy of a lie, I can sense. People who know me, know I find lying unacceptable. Especially when someone is blatantly lying in my face. Yes, there are white lies people tell to protect people so as not to shame or embarrass anyone.

But today, I was told a lie. And I needed to do something about it.

I'm organising an event at my little one’s school and we are asking a few local eateries for a snack food donation. This saves 3 Mum's hours of cooking authentic food and coordinating an event in the same day. We already have 1 Mum making the chai for parents.

Today, I called one of the eateries to ask if they had received the email and if they could donate some snacks. (our event is also a fundraiser for violins for the children)

The lady owner who answered the call, said she didn't know anything about the email as she had been off for 2 months and had only come back today. She said her husband, the owner, was away and not back until next Wednesday. I shared the gist of the email and again, she said it was something her husband could authorise and he maybe back on Monday. I thanked for her time and said I would call next week.

Lie number 1 - she served me last Saturday.

As I was driving home after school pick-up, I had to drive past the eatery. I must take that route as their eatery is by the traffic lights. Naturally, I looked in.

Lie number 2 - her husband’s car was there, and so was he.

This sat very uncomfortably with me, as I am all about transparency and Truth and Authenticity.

How can I be of service to others, if I am not standing in my True and Authentic Self? And what am I teaching my child?

I spoke with my husband about it soon after and shared what had happened as I needed to hear myself express the lie that was spoken to me. This was still sitting very uncomfortably with me. I needed to do something about it.

I needed to speak my Truth. I needed to speak my Truth with Love.

As I stood for a few minutes outside their eatery door, I felt into what I would say. I wasn't going in guns blazing with my ego and say, 'you lied'. No. Not at all. I breathed into my heart and asked what would love, do here?

As I entered the eatery, the lady smiled and I said very gently and politely, who I was, and that I called earlier. I said if it was an inconvenience to ask for a donation, then I am happy to withdraw the request.

She remembered the conversation and she said her husband was going to be away from tomorrow. He stepped in and asked me what I was talking about. So, I repeated that we had sent an email from our school asking for a small food donation for our charity event. His wife had now told him I called earlier.

He didn't look me in the eye, this is ok. He asked what I was referring to and I repeated the story of the email, but if it was an inconvenience, then I would happily withdraw. He said, no, call beforehand and he will have some snacks for us. I repeated, if it is an inconvenience, then we are happy to withdraw. But he insisted it would be ok.

I thanked them both and left.

I then went to another retailer and food distributor and he said he would happily donate 50 snack pieces as it's a fundraising event. He said they are not a charity, they are a small business.

I get this. I really get this.

Why did I go to the first take-away? I could have left it. I could have ignored it. I could have forgotten it.

But I couldn't. I knew if I didn’t speak my Truth, the lie would fester inside me and that would be unhealthy in the long run.

There was no shaming or rudeness, I was very polite and calm. I needed to clarify whether they had seen the email and whether they would donate. I get this. They run a small business. They probably receive lots of requests for food donation. I get this. Maybe, they find it uncomfortable to speak their Truth.

And don't we live in a society which doesn't speak it's Truth? People are simply not given the confidence or skills to speak their truth. They would rather lie as to not hurt someone's feelings and agree to something, they don't want to, save not being liked or accepted. Many people suppress their emotions and consciously or unconsciously this festers. Maybe they don't know how to. And then there are the ones who will bitch slap you with their words, as they are coming from their ego.,

But why was it uncomfortable for me?

Because I have been lied to so many times in my life, that I no longer will accept a lie from another.

After my Daddyji had died, the Truth came out. I had realised how many lies were spoken about me behind my back by loved ones who I trusted and thought they loved me too. How many lies had been used to influence people against me? How many lies had been woven to paint a very shitty picture of me? How many lies had been blatantly blurted to hurt me?

This was festering inside of me and it angered me, but I didn't question their motives. Why would loved ones do this?

Because there are some shitty people in this world who will never be happy watching another person be happy. They may never be full and satisfied and are jealous and envious of me and people who live their lives gratefully and graciously.

But why?

When I questioned this, I felt it was their lack of love and insecurities. Don't get me wrong, I often send these people love and have been compassionate in their journey and very generous, but my Life is equally important and sacred, and I no longer sit in the background when someone is lying to me.

Maybe this situation was the catalyst for something to shift within me to Speak my Truth with Love and hold myself accountable.

How do I feel? I spoke my Truth. I can no longer harbour blatant lies. I am shifting and clearing so much within me and I am Authentic in my Truth.

I am showing up and being Transparent and therefore I am sharing more of myself. I have nothing to hide. For most of my life, I have accepted peoples lies and shrugged them off, but they fester and with enough energy and focus, these can create imbalances. For me, they created pain and suffering, which I have shifted.

Self love is vital for optimum wellness, as are your personal values, especially in the role you play each day. When you show up Authentically, you have nothing to hide behind and no one to please. You are walking you Truth and this brings freedom.

How does this sit with you?

Connect with me and let’s have a chat and help you find your True and Authentic Self.

Here’s to you speaking your Truth with Love.

With love and grace



Realignment Coach/Mentor

Realigning You to Your True and Authentic Self

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