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Divided and Subtracted

Divided and subtracted

from a single cell.

Split from the whole

now in a hole,

where I don’t know

who, or what I am.

This, that, everything, and

all in between.

Am I you, me, or us,

or nothing

but a dream?

Or is it just a nightmare,

playing havoc with my mind?

Dividing me

from myself, and

all of humankind?

Divided and subtracted

a bloody living hell

Searching for broken pieces

to make whole the

single cell.

All of these distortions,

claiming to be me.

Fracturing my

nervous system,

Help, I cannot breathe!

Dying, am I dying?

This search is killing me.

Bring me back

to the whole

I long to Be me!

Lost in the abyss,

of velveteen darkness, and


Oh, this confusion,

my mind is going spare!

All these crazy images,

thoughts, stories, and ideas,

of who, what,

I should, or could be,

but none of these

are real.

Only images planted,

in a live and constant stream,

of distortion, and

coercion by the

one which is Unseen.

It multiplies, and multiplies,

to be the dominant one.

Forcing me out of my body

until its work is done!

Secretly, it creeps upon me

while I’m in the mare,

taking hold of my reality

It really doesn’t care.

Dividing and subtracting,

from the truth

of me

Forcing me to

play Its game,

somewhat ruthlessly.

While it’s piling

on the pressure

And life becomes a

Living hell,

A beam of Light shines

brightly, just before I yell.

Its softness and warmth

reminds me,

of the single cell.

The one that's whole,

pure and love,

the one that holds me well.

With all my might,

I hold it tight

keeping a grip, on my light.

I anchor it into my being,

from morning

and through the night.

I practice grounding every day,

and this action serves me well.

It opens up a deeper love

with the single cell.

The part of me

that is of the whole,

no longer stuck or broken.

I softly start to breathe again

my lungs, wide and open.

Dividing and subtracting,

the parts which no longer serve.

Always choosing what stays and goes,

Be still, and observe.

In the quietness of my precious light,

I build up my reserves.

Strengthening my bond

With love,

A love I do


Divided and subtracted,

no longer separate, or torn.

Through a mighty will,

and holding still,

I am now


By Kamaljit



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