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Authenticity V Authority - Who is controlling your life?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Over the past few weeks there has been a great deal of misinformation through media, which has led to chaos and confusion for many.

The world has been and is breaking away from the non-love, which has been impregnated on Earth for centuries. Everything which was out of alignment with your Truth, and mine too, and was suppressed, programmed in to your psyche and that of your ancestors, and generations before them, is coming up to the surface for a mass awakening of human consciousness.

This awakening is shaking people to the core! And it will continue globally.

The Truth will come out.

As we break away from the old, (and many of us did a few years ago), there is visibility of much anger, confusion, tension, rage, fear, injustice, and betrayal.

We have all felt this energy intensely these last few weeks through the uprising of people wanting answers to the lies they have been brainwashed to believe through media, governments, and people of perceived Authority.

If you are reading the newspapers, social media and broadcasted news and places of perceived authority, ask yourself: does this resonate with my Truth? Do your own research.

We all have a choice with what we let into our lives.

But what is Truth? And what Truth are we following?

Are we so completely dependent on what people tell us, and we take as our own truth, or do we connect more deeply with ourselves and be discerning about our influences and how we choose to live our lives?

You will conform!

From school age, we are engineered to follow orders, a structure and curriculum to mould us into conformity, based on what the teachers are told to follow. We are also taught what is right and wrong, and we are often punished if this does not agree with ‘Authority’.

Of course, boundaries for health and safety are very important together with the basics of teaching children what is in their best interest or not.

Whilst literacy and numeracy are important, so is the individualistic learning together with the richness of play for children and their wellbeing.

“Play is children's equivalent to work. But it's work that children carry out themselves and for their own development." Karin Neuschuetz*

If they are led holistically, actively engaged and invited to think for themselves, with the right guidance, care and support, they are able to make choices which support their own life paths and be well-rounded, informed and intelligent, creative individuals who will make a positive contribution to society. They lead from a position of Authenticity. There is power in this.

Some children thrive in school. Many do not.

Following the crowd

But no, they start school at age 5 (in the UK), most are in class from 8:30am until 3pm, they have weekends and set holidays off, and during the week, they are mostly too exhausted to think for themselves, let alone have enough time to play and create. And the wheels keep turning, until they finally leave school and go to college, and have a level of freedom. They then go to university and play a different game and get into debt and work the next so many years to pay off their student loans.

Not all people, but many people.

And they may want to settle down, start a family, or travel etc, but some get any job , as their chosen vocation is not available, as it pays the bills and they follow the instructions by their employers rather than think for themselves and many wait for retirement, before they live happily.

The systems put in place for many years, have pigeon-holed people into thinking and being a certain way, as this is what people believe is their truth and reality.

And in this, they have lost control and their Authenticity.

People are looking outside of themselves for answers. Whilst yes, you would go to a specialist or expert for advice, like a mechanic, a paediatrician, scientist, a coach, dentist etc., however, when you are empowered to think for yourself, there are some things you can ask yourself and follow this Truth.

For example, simple things like: is the food you are eating, supporting your bodily functions for vitality and nourishment? Is the information being told, true to you? Or isyour job in alignment with your highest path? Is what you are reading or hearing on social media, or any media for that, true? Just because it is written and broadcasted and public, is it true?

Ask your body. Does the question empower you or disempower you? It will give you a response. I learnt this when I was training in Shamanism.

Being Authentic and in Alignment with Yourself, your Source/Gaia connection, allows you to connect deeply with your own Truth and live life, based on this Truth.

Stop following the crowd, it takes you away from yourself!

You are your own Authority.

We have been conditioned to follow orders from authority. However, your authority is You! Do no harm. Be kind. Be caring. Know Thyself.

I am not talking of anarchy, neither am I inviting or suggesting it.

Connect deeply with your own self and detach from the external drama and go within. Keep your vibe high. Do the inner work to break down the patterns which flow through you and you will set yourself, your ancestors, and future generations free.

Get out in nature, it has all the answers and shows you how to work in harmony with others.

There are far too many movements which restrict people, many people are seeking a guru who can save them. But from what? Your own Truth?

This is nothing to do with spirituality or ‘God’ but everything to do with You.

Follow your Truth, it empowers you. Fear, disempowers you.

Awakening to your True Self

There are many who are awakening, and they will find the right path which leads them to their own Truth.

There are some incredibly wonderful, heart centred, practical teachers/coaches/healers/therapists out there who have strong Source/Gaia connection. Do what resonates for you, based on your own Truth. Your body will tell you.

Be discerning as there are many who are ready to take your money and feed you with what they think you want to hear.

When we strip the deeply embedded patterns, beliefs, and conditioning, we awaken to ourselves.

The timelines of separation, duality, lies and the old ways of suppression and oppression, control, manipulation, lack, fear, guilt, shame, poverty, dishonesty have been and are breaking away, these are happening globally, and we are feeling them on all levels.

Love is the Key

The timeline we are stepping into, which has been suppressed and taken away from us through mass conditioning, is that of Love. The power of Love.

Love is the Key. And this is no fluffy Love (although that is quite lovely), it is the resonance of something far deeper than that. It is part of your true power of being in harmony with your own self.

This global experience has given me time to go even deeper into my own Truth and align to what is True for me.

We are All an essence of the Divine, experiencing life through our own Source/Gaia connection, in this lifetime.

Everyone has their own version of Truth. What aligns to my life, does not align to another’s’, and this is a great thing, as we are all on our own unique experience, whatever that may look like, through our own perception of reality.

Some of us have had to fight for our own Authenticity and all that is in alignment with our own Truth, and often ostracised, rejected, humiliated, however that was hurtful then but, none of that matters now, as that is another’s fear, insecurity and projection.

This is probably why it has taken me so long to put a ‘label’ on my title and become more public, so people can identify with the work I facilitate to realign them to their own True and Authentic Self.

For those who are willing to step into the timeline of Love, which is happening all over the world and being covered up by fake news, be strong in your Truth.

We are born for these times to stand up and #BeTheChange so others also have the courage and step into their own Authenticity and Truth.

Are you ready?

Love is Key.

With love, grace, and gratitude



Realignment Coach/Mentor

Realigning You to Your True and Authentic Self


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