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are you ready for freedom?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Over the past fortnight, I have noticed a distinct shift in energy. Have you?

The old timelines are more than crumbling. The shift began many years before but more recently, with this global experience, more and more old patriarchal systems have been broken down.

The old patriarchal systems where people survived, rather than thrived, were suppressed and

locked in a job, or their situation, to meet their needs, and conformed and fitted into a structure designed by someone else rather than their own choice of path. It seemed quite a normal way to live, as this was the route people took, and many still do now.

Follow the crowd.

School, university, job, marriage, family, retirement and finally the time to do what they wanted to do.

University guaranteed a job and so certain subjects were followed, to ensure the right profession offered a job for life. But this changed some years ago when more choice became available. But still, many followed the crowd and were in debt through student loan or mortgage, and therefore were stuck in that cycle of survival to pay off their debts, rather than enjoy life and live life to the max.

However, this, for many was quite limiting and for those who still do live this way, it is limiting, but they may not be aware of the limitations, as it is such a familiar pattern/way of life.

Many have been born into poverty is a pattern they cannot yet break free from, as they may not have the tools to empower themselves and change.

The old structure was very much ‘I’ rather than ‘We’; and was quite rigidly held by people in power, which included corporations, institutions, financial markets and governments, who have built incredibly large empires, through the blood and sweat of people like you and me.

‘You will conform’ was the narrative many followed and if you did not you were punished. This obedience may have stemmed from childhood for many people, who were not given the freedom to express themselves, nor stand up for themselves, lest they were beaten.

Be a prisoner or align to your Truth?

But, as I said, the timelines are changing to more freedom, joy and thriving.

Those who have been on the path of free choice, by means of their choice of career, lifestyle and expression, will still adjust to the new way which is coming in, but it’s something that is already part of their Truth.

Then there are those who have done the inner work and aligned to their Truth and live life by consciously choosing what feels right for them and the environment and remain Authentic to their uniqueness and show up and inspire others to be authentic too.

Then there are those who are yet to know true freedom as they have followed the old patriarchal structure from day one and have been led to live a life of conformity.

Each is perfect where they are. Whatever path each person chooses to take in life, is entirely their own choice.

Make the changes now.

However, with these new shifts, a greater emphasis on love, compassion, community, and the environment will be key. How we treat ourselves and how we treat others is also key.

Many are feeling the fear and uncertainty of the unknown. This is quite understandable as many do not know what to do with their lives, since being governed and directed by others is their reality.

Many are too frightened to make the changes necessary to even consider a new way of living as adapting to something they may have only ever dreamed about, may still be a dream or a fantasy.

Many people wait until retirement to follow their hearts true calling and embrace the freedom of Life. It is a jolly long time to wait, by British age standards 65+ to start living.

But they do not have to. No one needs to.

Blank Canvas to Re-design Your Life

Most people now have a blank canvas to change the course of their lives, do the inner work and live a life by design, rather than by default.

A leap into the unknown is not for the faint hearted, but imagine, if you were the one holding and designing your own crystal ball and you chose your choice of career, which was what you truly wanted and you were not beholden to anyone? Imagine if you could leap out of bed each day living the dream and the dream was filled with joy?

Imagine if you could create a lifestyle based on your personal choices, then be governed by another?

You can.

All the answers lie within you. You only need to ask the right questions to redesign your life, your own way.

Now I am talking about living in joy, whatever joy looks like for you.

This global experience is a most unique time to do the inner work, change your mindset, clear the blocks, regain emotional freedom, be aligned to your highest path and live deliberately.

What would that look, smell, feel, sound, and taste like for you?


A time to go within

The new timelines, an upgrade if you will, to the old patriarchal system, is and will shake many to make the necessary choices to align with the new frequency on Earth.

There is no going back, per se, as everyone is affected by this change. It is a time to reset. Death of the old a time to let go. This Great Pause has given everyone the unique opportunity to look within and rebalance what is out of balance. Shed the old and align to you.

This is a time to face the demons which go on internally and make peace with your past. This is a time to dig deep and find the true and Authentic You. The Divine and Perfect You. The You, who was born pure, and through your conditioning, programming, limiting beliefs and negative upbringing lost your own identity and took on the persona, of who you were expected to be, and conformed to fit in, rather than find your own voice and be the pure and unique being you truly are.

You did what you were told. You towed the line. You fitted in. And you became trapped in a cycle which was not in alignment with your Truth.

Choose Freedom

You deserve freedom. You have free will and you can choose freedom, whenever you want. Freedom from fear, hurt, trauma, pain, and suffering. You can choose your thoughts, and to be at peace with all the things which do not bring you peace.

You have a choice.

What will you choose, as you transform like the earth is? Will you hold onto your fears, old beliefs, and behaviours, or will you choose consciously to do the inner work and live a life of freedom, joy, and authenticity?

The choice is always Yours. You have a choice. We all have a choice. Choose wisely.

With love and grace



Realignment Coach/Mentor


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