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Let's Begin

It's a Deeper, Interconnected Expression of Love

The world is changing, and so are we. The way we interact, connect, communicate and live has a deeper connection to nature, and how our behaviours are in alignment with no harm.

This includes ourselves, our environment, and those around us.

We cannot continue to live our lives the way they used to be, and this is evident with many people who are feeling stuck, and unable to express who they are from the inside.

We were born into an old system that as we can see, is breaking down, and with this, our false identities, limitations, structures, and stories are also breaking down.

This is an organic, universal process of what is no longer in alignment with our heart's desires and the natural evolution of life.

Deep within our core, there is a spark of Light that is bursting to come out and play.


This Light is also referred to as Pure Love and is our authentic expression that knows joy, freedom, happiness, fun, creativity, abundance, flow, stillness, and peace.


Love, is everything in nature, and everywhere, and it is multidimensional and knows no limitations.

Our multidimensional self is the ever-expanding, non-physical aspect of us, that wields a colossal amount of power for us to materialise our human experiences through the vibration of pure Love.

Love, is who and what we are. There is no separation, but in life our core essence was sometimes portrayed as something outside of us, and something we attain to achieve or be.


But we know, and we feel the changes that are happening around us, and how we too are changing.

We also feel the excitement of a new adventure and a life where joy, abundance, freedom, happiness, bliss, peace, kindness, care, compassion, play, fun, success, creativity, and love is a natural state of being for everyone.

Many people are feeling the impulse to Redesign Their Lives from their heart's desire.


A life where they lead from their Authentic Expression of Love itself. A life that is in harmony with the cycles of nature, curated by their own navigation system where ease, grace and joy dance happily.



Space station
Beautiful Landscape

Taking a Leap of Faith

Hello, I am Kamaljit, a Catalyst and Mentor and I am your wingman on this adventure of re-designing your life through your authentic expression, by unlocking your limitless potential.

I hold your hand and walk this journey with you to enter a realm of infinite possibilities.

I see your blind spots and keep you on track. I double-check your map and remind you, you are safe and held in your vulnerability.


I empower you in identifying and transmuting the blocks and hidden stories that are holding you back from realising your potential and living a life by your own personal desires and choices.


Working on a quantum level, (that is by tapping into and drawing upon the Universal Intelligence of the Cosmos) we deep dive into the areas in this life and other lives, where there may be resistance, patterns, or conditioning, and heal and transmute these together.


We expand your heart and consciousness further for love to flow more easily and effortlessly so you can live a life by your design.


Are you ready for a life of joy and fulfillment?


Are you ready to map out a new reality knowing you are never alone and held with grace?


Are you ready to realise and integrate your higher potential and feel the freedom this brings you?


Are you ready to take a leap of faith and take the steps to carve a future based on trust and love?



Join me on an adventure to explore and uncover your juicy authentic potential, and integrate your multidimensional self through the power of love.

We curate your organic journey from where you are now by using your golden compass to navigate through the areas that need illumination and recognition.

Working 1:1 or in groups over zoom or telegram, we will open the space for your vulnerability to be witnessed so you can drop the false identities which control your reality.

My Journey of Self-Love


I was born in England, UK, into a Panjabi family and raised with the Sikh faith.


My parents were immigrants and traveled to England in the 1960s with the dreams of a better life for their family.  My late Father, was a Carpenter/Joiner by trade and, my Mother is a Seamstress/Housewife.

As a sensisitve and empathic child, I couldn't fit into that family and had experienced a traumatic, abusive, and dysfunctional childhood.

I could neither fit it into the world, as it all seemed painful, controlling, limiting, confusing and full of separation.


I wasn't born to conform, I was born to #bethechange. And so I took a leap of faith, trusting the messages from my body, and left home at the age of 22 to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

In 2005, I was lying in a hospital bed and was told I would never be a biological Mother.  My whole world fell apart.  I had always wanted to be a Mum, to raise, and love a child in their innocence and beauty.

I had a choice. I could either listen to the Consultant or take back my power and transform my life.

No one was going to tell me I couldn't or wouldn't be a biological Mum. I took back my power.


My body had experienced an ovarian cystectomy, and this became a catalyst to a path of conscious self-love and awareness. Here, I delved deep into energy medicine, training in many different energetic practices, sound, light codes, and Star People. I also trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Mentoring, and Pre-Egyptian Shamanism.

These practices were tools to expand my consciousness further and embody more of my own Light.

Alongside these, I became more deeply attuned to my body, always following my intuition, and inner impulses to act where I was being guided.

I am an avid researcher and investigator of consciousness, health and well-being, and am fascinated with the connection between the body and nature and our place in the universe. We are all able to heal our own bodies and have our own Self Healing Ability.


Through my personal journey, I have an understanding of intergenerational trauma, ancestral and personal patterns, and the identities we can often create our lives around.

Our boy was conceived naturally, and was birthed in 2015, and is a thriving and authentic human.

When my Father passed in 2016, my life changed again.

Menopause kicked in, and I felt abandoned and lost.  It was during menopause, which can be referred to as the 'Dark Night of the Soul', that the deeper transformation and healing took place. I had, like many, built my life around my Father's patterns, structures, and aspirations. I had also carried much feminine wounding from my Mother's line.

The Menopause was an inner defragmentation and alchemical reconfiguration to a new authentic me. Like the journey of the caterpillar to the butterfly.

I put myself first in my life and released myself from anything lesser than Love.

It was a conscious journey of witnessing my vulnerability,and included compassion, self-care, discernment, trust, courage, and deep transformation. I began to activate my voice after years of being suppressed, oppressed and repressed.

Over the past few years, I met Dr. Jacqueline Fay Hobbs, aka Oracle Girl, and this has deepened my connection to Mother Earth and Nature. Her work has stretched me beyond any hidden perceptions or limitations to embody more Love.

I take full responsibility for my own life and make the changes necessary to remain autonomous, and a sovereign being.

Being Authentic is key in my life and is something I cannot move away from or ignore.

And, as I feel the vibration of joy by simply Being, it is quite natural that I want others to feel the juicy, deliciousness of joy.

I continue my calling to empower and inspire change, as nothing is fixed and nature shows us how to thrive.


Through a deeper understanding of how ancestral and personal patterns, negative conditioning and programmes, belief systems, trauma, abuse, negative self-talk, non-physical interference, can control our lives, I draw upon universal wisdom, my skills in business, and personal development, and join the dots for greater liberation.

I help rebuild structures by sowing seeds and laying the foundations for a sustainable way of being. We are all interconnected through the power of Love and nature shows us our interdependence for thriving.

Nothing is fixed, and anything can be transformed/transmuted, we all have the power of Love within us and we all deserve to be happy.

Through my own experience, much like the cycles of nature, the old me died many times and I have rebirthed as a newer authentic embodiment of Love in my own harmonic resonance with the Universe.


I live in Somerset, UK, with my Husband and Son, and I love singing, writing, reading, walking, eating good food, growing food, music and dogs.




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Why work with me?

Why work with Kamaljit?

From the moment we make a connection, the transformation begins.

We have an introductory deep-dive call, so we can get a feel for each other, and build a rapport as our journey together is built on trust.

I meet you where you are at with no judgement, only compassion, care and love.

I offer an indication of what feels like the best way forward for you, and if this resonates, we proceed on a chosen program or session.


During your session, I open the space for what needs to unfold organically to surface. I may ask questions, while listening to what is not being spoken or heard.

I gauge a bigger picture, and we begin to unravel the entanglement of what is no longer in alignment with your authentic self.

You create your shifts.​

​I hold your hand and remind you, you are loved, that change is the only constant, and that it is okay to include yourself in your life. It is your birthright to be happy.

I hold the space throughout your journey with me, and offer a check-in call in-between sessions, together with additional support.

You Matter to Me, and I offer the whole of me. This means, I have cleared the space around your session, and am fully present with you.











I take 9 clients on a month, and this ensures I am not depleted and offer each of my clients the same level of love, care and compassion.

My work has always been about our future generations, and offering them a landscape for freedom, and authenticity so they too can share their innate gifts and wisdom for all inhabitants on earth to thrive and express Love.


Let’s talk about Love.

Connect with me for your free deep-dive discovery call and how best we can support your journey of Redesigning Your Life through Your Authentic Expression, and experiencing a deeper Love, for greater Freedom, and Joy.

Disclaimer: Her clients experience great results and joy from the work they do together, however, please note, she is not a medical practitioner and clients are advised the work they do together, does not replace medical attention.

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I am super excited to share my podcasts with you.

Each episode is unique to each guest who share their personal stories.


Together we explore their journey and how they navigated lifes challenges, struggles and curve balls to redesign their life through their authentic expression, to experience more freedom, peace and joy.

The podcasts include nuggets of wisdom, insights and real life experiences that offer inspiration, hope and faith that there is a way to transform your life.

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Your Investment

Your heart already knows you are ready for change, and you already know change begins with you. Taking the first steps in redesigning your life takes a leap of faith, courage, and trust.

Individual sessions are either 60, 90, or 120 minutes, or, 3, 6, or 9-month bespoke journey's, and are mostly via zoom or telegram. 

Whilst I cannot offer my gifts for free, you will see below that my work is accessible, and if you feel you can and would like to add a top-up at any point, please feel free to do so. This will enable me to offer a reduced or free session to someone who hasn't the resources right now.

You may see the results of our work together instantly, or it may take a few days or even weeks to integrate. I wholly trust you will get what you need.

It is my honour to be of service and facilitate your transformation, as your transformation creates a ripple effect on those who came before you, those around you and those who come after you.

Payments are via BACS, prior to your session and all sales are final. All details are confirmed during your Free 20 minute Discovery Call.

Bespoke Journey

These bespoke journey's are consciously designed and curated for a more intimate and 1:1 connection, where we unravel the deeper unresolved challenges. I hold the space for the duration of this journey for you to identify, release, realign, integrate, and awaken to the multidimensional aspects of you. It is juicy!
Payment plans are available - I trust your integrity.

I have always sought to find a credible healer who is also genuine. I found both these qualities in Kam.

The path to understanding much is eventually beginning at the ripe age of 69! Kam’s gifts and guidance, have opened a doorway to allow shafts of light leading to peace, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Mrs Khan

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